Recent Before & After Photos

Bathroom disaster

Water leaks are usually sudden and usually unexpected. This one was no different. After a toilet leaked and overflowed in this families bathroom they had to com... READ MORE

Mold in the walls

A bad case of mold was the result of this complete mitigation and remodel. SERVPRO received a call that there had been mold damage in this families home and th... READ MORE

Toilet problems

A toilet had overflowed causing this bathroom to need a complete remodel. On they state that Toilet overflows are most likely the result of e... READ MORE

New Carpet Smell

During a flood at this customers home it was decided we needed to install new carpet. On this is what they recommend after water floods your ... READ MORE

Kitchen Counter Problems

After a mold disaster in this customer's kitchen, we had to rip the counter tops and backsplash and completely remodel it. On they offer th... READ MORE

What's that smell in the kitchen

This house had severe damage in the kitchen due to a fire disaster.on they suggest these methods to avoid a kitchen fire in your home.1. Pat down pou... READ MORE

Listen to your mom, Don't Let The Toilet Run

This household experienced significant water damage and thus mold infestation when they ignored the fact that their toilet ran and ran. What they did not reali... READ MORE

Water Heater Damage

SERVPRO responded recently to a vacation home where the hot water heater had rusted through and water had spilled out on to the floor. You can take precautions ... READ MORE

Do It Yourself Sometimes Costly

SERVPRO responded to a call from a homeowner with some pretty serious water issues. This homeowner decided to have a friend help him patch his roof but the fla... READ MORE

Use Caution When Using Space Heaters

A recent SERVPRO loss occurred after a homeowner reported a space heater had caused a fired in their garage. During these cold Idaho months we are tempted to ke... READ MORE